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July Special:
$200 Group Overnights!

$200 Group Overnights were such a success we are going to keep it going! Call or text the office to reserve your spot now. First come first serve with 16 available spots each night.

(636) 369-4043

Thursday, July 11th

Saturday, July 13th

Wednesday, July 17th

Friday, July 19th

Tuesday, July 23rd

Saturday, July 27th

It is our mission to provide quality holistic options to elevate and enhance our client's overall wellness. While the EESystem is our prominent service, we also offer supplementary options to increase desired results. You can add these on to your EESystem visit or experience them separately. Our providers are happy to assist you in selecting what works best for your needs, time, and budget. 

Hours, Overnights, & Add-ons For Energy Room

Time in the Room


1 hour : $60

2 hours : $120

3 hours : $180

4 hours : $240


*10 hour package: $540

(10% savings)

*20 hour package: $960

(20% savings)

overnight bed icon.png


Singles : $540

Couple : $800


Room : $2400

Can sleep up to 16 people

(6 beds & 10 loungers)

Cost may be split between a maximum of 16

Add On Icon.png



8 minutes : $20

20 minutes : $30

*Learn more about BEMER

and its benefits here.


Bring Your Pet : $30/hr

Pet must be leashed and/or crated for the duration of your stay


Detox Bath Mix: $12

We recommend this after every session


Eye Masks

Ear Plugs

Infused Water




Ionic Foot Bath

Ionic Foot Bath
Ionic Foot Bath Icon.png

45 Minute Ionic Detox Footbath

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays

$40 each

$245 for 7

$420 for 14



We use an Optimum Focus Energetic Footbath System. It is gentle and effective to cleanse the body at a cellular level. To learn more about this system click here.

This energetic footbath uses osmosis to remove impurities from the body. Each detox bath the body releases what it is ready to let go of at that moment in time. Each footbath will impact the body differently as it continue to pull out toxins and move toward a healthy balance. The release of that waste will continue over the following 3-5 days through the bodies natural elimination process. Therefore being well hydrated before, during, and after is very important! Clients report a wide variety of benefits including:

boosted immune system, clearer skin, detoxification, pain relief, weight loss, increased circulation, reduction in stress, fatigue, swelling/inflammation as well as improvement in joint stiffness and so much more! 

Our practitioner will work with you to determine a plan that meets your body's needs, your budget, and your time.

Our Practitioners

Our Practioners

We believe there are many ways for our bodies and minds to heal and have put together a powerhouse of practitioners to meet your needs. We fully embrace the concept that the body, mind, spirit and science can all work together and heal in extraordinary ways.

Name plaque on wall with plant

Craniosacral & Massage Therapist

Name plaque on wall with plant

Dorothy Lavender

Emotional Polarity Technique & Emotion Code 

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One building, multiple wellness options

Light Lounge Logo St. Charles.png

World class red light therapy is housed in the same building as Energy Infusion Room! Come experience a free session and learn about all the benefits of medical grade red light. We have over 30 targeted protocols and packages that bring the price down to affordable.

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